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May these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight. (Psalm 19:14, MSG)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I couldn't decide on which verse to write about today and then I realized they're both about the same subject: prayer. 

David gave the job of leading worship to Asaph (who wrote a number of Psalms.) What interested me was the description of worship: to lead in intercession, giving of thanks and praising God.  My mind jumped to the "hand" description I use to teach children about prayer: Praise God for who He is: Thank Him for what He has done; confess your sins; pray for others; pray for yourselves.

Apparently that is at the heart of prayer, especially in corporate worship. And since we know Asaph wrote Psalms along with David, much of the prayer happened in song.

In chapter 17, David is praying a personal prayer in response to God's promise to establish his kingdom. In part, he says, "You looked on as a Somebody, even though You know me as I am."

Here is the meat of prayer. David dialogues with God, responding to God's actions on his behalf, and talks back. Not only thank you, but how he felt about it.  Intensely personal (so how did the writer of Chronicles know what David said?), the words resonate with me.

I feel like I am low on the list of importance. I fight feeling invisible and feel unworthy when attention is showered on me.  I feel like perfection is required to be a Somebody and I know how imperfect I am. In other words, as David said, "You know me as I am."

God knew all about David's weaknesses--and made him a Somebody in spite of them.

News flash: We are all Somebodies in the kingdom of God. Not a one of us in important.

Let's worship the God who made us Somebodies as we worship together this weekend.

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