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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

DIVINE SYNERGY (1 Chronicles 14)

David was famous all over the place, far and near; and God put the fear of God into all the godless nations. (1 Chronicles 14:17)

David might not have prayed Jabez's exact prayer, but he had a similar experience. He was honored: respected, ethical in his conduct, and famous in far-flung places.  God certainly enlarged his borders; Israel ruled the most ground during David and Solomon's reigns.

If David had remained in Bethlehem, tending to his father's sheep, he probably would never have achieved fame. I complain about writing for 14 years before my first book was published. David waited seventeen years between God's promise and the fulfillment. A man's man--a warrior, strong, ready to even any score--and a woman's man, one who obviously loved women and wrote beautiful poetry. Love him or hate him, everyone knew about King David. Israel showed up on the nightly news on a regular basis.

In other words, David worked to become famous and studied the art of war to become better.

But then God enters the picture.  God put fear into the surrounding godless nations.

Another paradox.   David fought the battles; but God put fear into their hearts.

Whatever God calls us to do, He moves ahead of us, preparing the way. Work is hard. Writing novels is hard and takes training and practice and perseverance.

But lest I ever believe I am published only because of my work, my talent--here is another reminder that God put an open heart in the agents and editors I have worked with.

God takes our human offerings and makes them supernatural.

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