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May these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight. (Psalm 19:14, MSG)

Thursday, February 7, 2013


I confess, I always take a deep breath and pretty much hold it until I finish reading the book of Leviticus. The nuts and bolts of the law generally bore me.

So when I turned the page from Exodus to Leviticus today, I asked God to especially open my eyes to what He wanted me to see and to share with you.

Given the name of my blog, "My Daily Nibble," a chapter on Grain Offerings certainly is appropriate inspiration.

Verses 12-13 caught my attention. In them, God gave three instructions about seasonings:

  1. Don't add yeast or honey to grain offerings which will be burned. Don't offer them as a "pleasing fragrance."
  2. Do add salt to every grain offering.
  3. Honey and yeast are acceptable offerings as first fruits. 
Does anyone out there watch "Chopped" (or any of the other competitive cooking shows)? Over and over again the judge cut chefs for not using the right seasonings.

You could say God gave the recipe for which seasonings to use for success.  He didn't disapprove or dislike honey and yeast. He only set up regulations for how and when they enjoyed. That sounds like a few other things--like sex and money. Good, pleasing gifts from God--when enjoyed at the right place and time. 

Different seasons for different seasonings.
Different gifts for different people too. I might be "honey" (people call me "nice" and my writing "sweet"). You might be "salt." The fact God is using you all over the place today doesn't mean I don't have a place of service in His kingdom. My role is unique, and so is yours. 

Ask God for advice about the right seasonings for your life and ministry. 


  1. Excellent catch. I too have to pray harder for God's enlightenment when reading what I consider "bland."

  2. Kathleen, that's one of the reasons why I committed myself to doing a daily blog. That way I have to pay attention daily . . . and not skip over sections that are hard or boring.