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Sunday, February 3, 2013

LOOKING FOR A LEADER? (Exodus 32-33)

Make gods for us who will lead us. Exodus 32:1-3 MSG.

 If I am so special to you, let me in on your plans. Exodus 33:12-13 MSG

 Today I read the story of the golden calves, that ridiculous, foolish, shortsighted decision by the Israelites while Moses was on the mountain. 

Reading the account today, I see that both the Israelites and Moses were impatient. They wanted to know "what next"? But they sought their answers in so very different ways. 

The people begged Aaron "make gods who will lead us." 
Think about that. How can gods that we make ourselves lead us? We might as well make a list of pros and cons or toss a coin. 

Even so, I see a bit of myself in this mistaken quest. As a professional author plagued with health problems, I schedule my days so that I can accomplish my work at a steady pace, no last minute pushes (been there, done that, and I can't any more). 

It's a tool, and a good one. But I tend to overdo. When I was a teenager and a friend showed up unannounced, my aunt informed her, "She can't see you now. You're not on the calendar."

Yup, I can depend too much on my schedule and not allow God to change my plans.

And oh, boy, how Moses's prayer echoes so many of my own. "I know I am special to You. But how about letting me in on Your plans?" 

And God's answer to me is about what God told Moses, although I haven't received any unique, cleft-in-the-rock visits by God. He still doesn't tell me what's next--He reassures me of Who's next--God. He is my constant companion and will guide me where I should go. 

Follow God--and don't rely on man-made tools. Easier than it sounds. 

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