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Friday, June 7, 2013

LOVE YOUR ENEMIES (2 Chronicles 28)

So the soldiers turned over both the captives and the plunder to the leaders and the people. Personally designated men gathered the captives together, dressed the ones who were naked using clothing from the store of plunder, put shoes on their feet, gave them all a square meal, provided first aid to the injured, put the weak ones on donkeys, and then escorted them to Jericho, the City of Palms, restoring them to their families. (2 Chronicles 28:14-15, MSG)

Wow. Israel did something right for once.  They attacked Judah, and won--and then treated the captives with dignity and set about healing the wounds of war.

I'm no military historian (frankly, I have battle scenes deathly boring in a movie). But I can think of prime examples where the conquering soldiers raped, pillaged, and looted the conquered country. The Vikings. Genghis Khan and the Mongols. Probably even America's own soldiers during Sherman's March. To mention a few.

What they didn't do was to clothe them, feed them, doctor them, and drive them home.

So kudos to the soldiers who paid attention Israel for listening to the prophet who said "These are God's people, too. Treat them right or suffer God's wrath" and turned administration of the captives and plunder over to civilians.

Kudos to the leaders and people who chose representatives for determining a fair settlement on the captives.

Kudos to the representatives who used the plunder, not for themselves, but to provide for their captives.

Kudos to the people for giving of their own goods (the donkeys) and traveled with the released captives, making sure of their safe return.

Israel, so often maligned for their evil ways, put feet to God's command to love our enemies. 

Let's learn from their example.

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  1. Great thing that they did!