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Monday, June 3, 2013

A DEGREE IN DOOM (2 Chronicles 22)

I have a couple of degrees and have heard of many others. But this was a school and a degree not recognized by any academic body in the United States.

As a writer, I love the descriptive writing of this description:
After the death of his father, [Ahaziah] attended the sin school of Ahab, and graduated with a degree in doom. 


How unlike his grandfather. God allowed kings like Ahaziah to reign because of David and the jewels along the way, such as Jehoshaphat.  Jehoshaphat named his oldest son as his heir. Jehoram was an evil, evil king (he killed ALL his brothers), and his son, Ahaziah, was even worse.

Any measure of respect shown to Ahaziah resulted from people's respect for his grandfather. Jehoshaphat was famous. One might expect a king to be famous. But no, his fame came about because he was a "sincere seeker after God."

How do I want my diploma to read?

A Masters Degree in Doom from Sin Seminary?
Or a practioner's license as a "sincere seeker" in God's School of life?

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  1. The Bible is full of interesting things. Good to point this out and ask this question! I'm with you!