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Friday, May 10, 2013

MONEY PART 2: Jehoida's Achilles' heel

Today's chapters deal with the ugly, gory, ending to Ahab's family. 70 sons (?!), his relatives aligned with Judah's royalty, everyone aligned with them in any fashion--all massacred. It makes me uncomfortable, but I admire Jehu for removing Baal worship from Israel.

The passage with the hopeful story of the priest Jehoida's courage and saving the young Joash and Joash's return to worship of Israel's true God. I have often thought that Joash was only "good," however, until Jehoida died.

Today I noticed something I hadn't seen before. The priest I so admired, Jehoida, had feet of clay after all. (well, we all do. And the Bible never holds back in showing people's faults.)

Joash decided to repair the temple. He handed responsibility for handling the finances, from the offerings at the temple, over to the priests.

23 years into his reign, the temple was still in ruins. And he took control of the money back from the priests.

The priests--Jehoida is specifically  mentioned. A statement that no more money would be spent on unnecessary things like silver candle snuffers suggests how the money had been spent instead.

Oh, Jehoida. You hit such a home run for God by protecting David's line and destroying Ahab's and restoring temple worship. And then, you failed over how best to spend the money. He didn't have to intend to rob the treasury. He probably bought things of quality, things that would honor God in their use.

At worst, his crime was lining his own pockets. At best, he didn't see the big picture in terms of temple repair.

Perhaps the priests as a group should have sought a man who was a good accountant at heart.

Joash was a good leader; he recognized the problem and corrected it.

The most obvious application? Find the right person for the right job. Admit your weaknesses and seek help.

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