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Monday, January 28, 2013


Four short words from Exodus 19 caught my attention this morning.

"and the priests also"

I thought about it. The priests. This was before God had set apart Aaron and his sons for the priesthood, or assigned the Levites priestly duties. 

So what priests was God referring to? I assume that were His servants, not priests of an Egyptian religion, or else God would not be giving them a job. 

Someone was performing the priestly function for the Israelites before the priesthood was established. Then, in a flick of the hand, they were replaced. Banned, in fact. Unless they also happened to be Levites.

It makes me think of a pastor I once worked with. He was associate pastor, in charge of administration, education, and music. He did a good job juggling all three responsibilities, but he loved leading the music for our congregation.

Then one week, without any vote by the congregation, our new pastor announced that his college buddy would lead the music from then on. That our "music" minister would continue with the (my words, not his), the "grunt" work--visiting the elderly, the shutins, making sure the work of the church ran smoothly.  

He didn't complain, at least not publicly--but he left the church within a short time.

Unpleasant. Uncomfortable, Unfair, I would have said. 

Even in God's kingdom, apparently people can be replaced, positions changed. What I am called to do tomorrow may be different than what I am doing today.

What I am doing today isn't what I expected when I graduated from Bible College  and seminary. I have gone from musician to educator to writer, although I continue doing all three to some extent. Leaving music was the hardest, since that was the place where I felt "called."

Words of wisdom? Not especially. Change is uncomfortable--but it is mostly likely God-ordained. 

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