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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

COME TO JESUS (Matthew 9)

As Jesus left the house, he was followed by two blind men crying out, "Mercy, Son of David! Mercy on us!" (Matthew 9:27, Message)

As I read Matthew 9, I was struck by the different ways people came to Jesus. These are all familiar stories. . .

The beloved daughter of a local official died when Jesus came to town. He bows before Jesus and begs for a touch of his hand. The man was an official; people would ordinarily bow toward him. He acknowledged Jesus' superior position. He came himself--he didn't send a servant or deliver a letter. He petitioned on behalf of someone else. Just a touch, a single touch--but to bring someone back from the dead?

While Jesus was on the way to the official's home, a second person came to Him for healing. This woman had hemorrhaged for 12 years. Her monthlies were 24/7, 365. In an era before blood transfusions, I wonder that she remained alive. She was unclean for temple worship--probably felt cut off from God--and helpless. Doctors had stripped her of all her money and left her as sick as when they found her.

This believed that if she could only touch the hem of Jesus's robe, she would be healed. She bowed to the floor. She didn't seek attention. She somehow knew that being in the vicinity of God's messenger would bring her healing.Jesus sensed her presence and rewarded her faith by healing of her body and her spirit.

Jesus arrived at the official's house and healed his daughter.

(P.S. I have to love the importance and compassion shown towards women in these two miracles!)

When Jesus left the house, two new people joined the crowd. Their shouts remind me of people here at the nursing home. One man sits in his wheelchair, calling, "Ma'am? Ma'am? Ma'am?" Two blind men followed Jesus, shouting "Mercy on us, Son of David!"

These two followed Jesus. They acknowledged His authority as the Messiah.Their plea suggests faith, but Jesus challenged them. "Do you really believe I can do this?" Their answer? "Why, yes, Master!"

Oh, wow, look at this--Jesus' physical touch in all of these cases as well . . . thoughts for another day.

One man came to Jesus with a polite request. One woman did her best to avoid attention. Two men made a noisy nuisance of themselves. But all of them realized Jesus was more than a man. All of them believed that when they brought their problems to Jesus, He would heal them.

I came to Jesus as a nine-year-old girl, in the Vacation Bible School class held in the lobby of my church (we were short on class space). I knew He was the Savior and God, and that He could forgive my sins.

We all have a different story--but Jesus welcomes all those who come to Him.

I would love to hear your story.

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