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May these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight. (Psalm 19:14, MSG)

Monday, April 29, 2013

DON'T FORGET (2 Kings 6)

Today I read about King Solomon's temple and palace. Wow!  Even my architecturally-challenged brain can appreciate how absolutely magnificent they were. (And while we're at it, can anyone tell me the difference between a 4-sided door and a 5-sided door?)

But I'm going to meditate on the one time God spoke up in these two chapters.

About this Temple you are building--what's important is that you live the way I've set out for  you
and do what I tell you, following my instructions carefully and obediently. Then I'll complete in you the promise I made to David your father. I'll personally take up my residence among the Israelites--I won't desert my people Israel. (2 Kings 6:11-13)

A positive encouragement to behave like he should. I believe I work better with positive reinforcement. Yell at me the way Gordon Ramsey or Robert Irvine do hapless chefs, and I wilt. So God's practice of always warning people, "Don't! Stop! You're going to be punished!" always strikes me (let's be honest) as a little off.

This time God promised--if you do as you're supposed to, I'll repeat the promise I made to your father to you.

Solomon started off well, but let his wives (he had an even worse problem than his father did) lead him astray, introducing idol worship for their use. That's a later chapter, but knowing what lies ahead, I wince as I read this verse.

It's not enough to dress like a Christian, to have all the trappings--everything plated with gold--you have to live what you believe and do what is commanded. Eventually, Solomon let the trappings take the place of the heart.

David remained a man after God's own heart until the very end.

His son failed the test.

Even more heartbreaking--his failure affected the entire nation. God would
take up residence among the Israelites only if Solomon lived a holy life.

How would I respond if put to a similar test? I doubt I would do much better than Solomon did, given my track record with such minor challenges.

The lesson is familiar, but important none the less.  It doesn't matter what church you attend or how many Bibles you own or whether you wear a cross. A heart attune to God, His word and His will, is what puts on you on the right road.


  1. He does want us to live for him
    It is so hard to do though.
    God bless you

  2. I did a search on "5 sided door" and all it showed me was cars. Guess Solomon was ahead of his time. Thank you. I do have a problem w/ being obedient a LOT. :( Sure in major areas I do great but in the little things, well let's just say God would not trust me with much :( I sure do love Him though! Lord change our hearts!

    1. Yeah, the author made a point of saying the door in one part of the temple was four-sided, unlike the one over there that was 5-sided. He must have been visualizing it in his mind.

      What I found the scariest was the fact that Solomon's behavior determined the course of the entire nation. Of course he was king. But how many people does my choices affect?