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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

PAY IT FORWARD (Genesis 39)

The blessing of God spread over everything he owned. (Genesis 39:5, MSG)

I have been studying the subject of blessing for about a year, and I noticed several interesting things from the familiar story of God blessing Potiphar because of Joseph. 

Firstly, Potiphar noticed that God blessed Joseph. He was willing to trust his things to Joseph and his God.

Secondly, Joseph's blessing extended as far as he was involved with others. I bet even the slave caravan was blessed, then throughout a household, a prison--a nation--God blessed others through him. 

Thirdly, Joseph was willing to pay God's blessing forward. He still oozed God's blessing, in spite of the tragedy he had endured. 

I bet the same principles apply today. We don't (all) have to go preach on a street corner; like Potiphar, others will seek us out because they see God's hand on our lives. We only limit our testimony by limiting our involvement with others.  

I definitely experience this pattern here in the nursing home. It's a small circle, perhaps, but it spreads. When a lady asks me to play piano. When another asks for a hug. When someone else sits and wants to talk about her pregnant daughter. When an aide introduces her children to me. God uses me to bless other people, whether resident or workers. 

With each one, I remind myself that people are more important than work, I set aside my computer, and give the hug, or listen, or play and sing . . . God blesses me while I am blessing them. 

Whom does God want you to bless today?

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